Friday, 27 September 2013

A reminder about positive thinking

Two weeks ago I attended 'Learning Live' the annual conference for members of the Learning and Performance Institute. Over the course of the day I sat in on three seminars, one of which was delivered by Andy Whittaker on 'The Art of Being Brilliant'.

In a nutshell, the session was all about dealing with issues in a positive way and choosing to be positive. That's easy to say but not so easy to put into practice. Andy's tip is to tell yourself that you can do anything for 4 minutes, which includes making yourself think positive things for that short period. The amazing thing is that it works for just about any situation. For those of us that are procrastinators (myself included), doing the thing you've been putting off  for just 4 minutes makes it seem eminently achievable. It's a pain-free way of getting started and those 4 minutes will inevitably extend to more before you've even noticed.

If you're having a bad day, get into the habit of forcing yourself to think of something that is positive about the day or the situation and just be in the best possible mood for 4 minutes. Ask yourself, "what would the very best version of me do right now? How would the very best version of me react to this situation?" Another trick is to smile while you're thinking about it.

Lastly, Andy urged us to understand the impact we have on others. Nobody likes being around pessimistic or complaining people. Our negativity can trigger negative feelings and reactions in others. So make an effort to have a positive impact when you meet and relate to people and help them feel good too.

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