Saturday, 20 July 2013

Facebook is not for the depressed or lonely

Is it just me or does anyone else get really down after checking their News Feed on Facebook? It seems to be full of people commenting on all the interesting things they're about to embark on, or are doing or have done. It's full of photos of happy times with children and friends, social interaction, holidays, days out and restaurant outings. Yes, there are a few mundane comments about the weather or something that's gone wrong, but the vast majority of posts are extremely positive.

I know it's a great thing to be positive, enjoy life and share your love of life with others but, if you're feeling lonely or depressed, I think Facebook is not a good idea. In general, people don't post to say they're feeling down or bored or fed up - it seems to be the accepted protocol not to write negatively. On the other hand, people do feel free to vent their anger about things or complain or state their annoyances - that seems to be acceptable - but I rarely, if ever, see any posts about someone feeling sad. I'm quite sure there are plenty of people sitting at home feeling that way, but they probably wouldn't feel at liberty to post about it for fear of spoiling the positive atmosphere of the Facebook environment.

I've been feeling very down of late due to many things that have happened in my life over the past few months and this morning I realised that whenever I check my News Feed I feel worse. Part of me wishes I could just go on Facebook and say, "Hey, I'm feeling bad today" but what would that achieve? Am I hoping for sympathy, invitations to meet up, or what exactly? And who is going to 'like' a comment like that anyway? What if no-one were to 'comment'?  No doubt that would make me feel much worse. So, I've decided to leave Facebook alone until I become one of those positive people again and can enjoy reading what others are doing. Hopefully it won't be long before I'll be sharing a few posts of my own again, even if it's just to state my annoyance about something.

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